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Top Blogs according to Henry

by on February 4, 2013

The last six months I have been incredibly busy completing my master thesis. The Master Thesis will appear under essays on this site. I may not have been many writing blog posts, but have not stopped reading other blogs. Below you will find the best five blogs according to Henry:

1. IEA blog
This is simply a must read blog. Especially Kristian Niemietz has been redefining the poverty debate.  A good (free) read is:

“Why a War on Markets is No Substitute for a War on Poverty”

The best post in this period  include:

 The poverty lobby: single-issuers whose single issue is no longer relevant

Why Europhiles and Eurosceptics don’t understand each other

In praise of trickle-up economics and

The Living Wage campaign: shouting at red signals

2. Knowlegde Problem
This is a free-market blog which also looks at energy markets. The blog is run by Michael Giberson and Lynne Kiesling. This is not just a commentary on Economics, Information and Human Action, but has post looking at specific policies in which they have a expert understanding.

3. Marginal Revolution
This blog is probably best know for the ongoing  battle between the main author, Tyler Cowen, and Paul Krugman. It has, however, expanded and now offers the Marginal Revolution University. Let us hope this encourages more people to enter the economic and political debate.

4. Coffee House – The Spectator Blog

This is a free part of the Spectator magazine. Unlike the magazine the blog is free. It is a good place to keep in touch with the wider debate in British politics.

5. Guido Fawlkes

Some authors would put this in the “Tabloid Blog” category. It is, however, more informative. It is a must read to stay in touch with the ins and outs of Westminster. We should not forget that the cornerstone of freedom is the freedom of speech. Guido is a protector of this.

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