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This blog will attempt to a give an political economic opinion on many contemporary topics such as, the Euro, climate change, the welfare, education and trade. We are firm believers of freedom of speech, but do not simply hide behind it and will try and put a clear coherent argument to back it up our opinions.

The purpose of this blog is not to lecture or to have the final word, but to start a debate or conversation. Which means you might find a couple of things in the following blogs to quarrel about: In fact we’d be disappointed if you did not!

We would very much enjoy to read and publish your comments and posts especially when strong arguments and examples are given in support to make the debate as constructive and enlightening as possible.Your comments and opinions s may change making us all wiser.

Looking forward to you comments and contributions,

Henry and Lawrence Gruijters.

Disclaimer The opinions our those of the authors and not related to the company they work for or the website itself. In the extended society we will try and credit relevant authors were this is due. If for any reason you feel your work has not been credited as it should please feel free to e-mail the extended society at and we will amend any errors made.

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